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•    Go sublunar with a rag-tag group of fighters and artists.

•    Jump across the moons of Saturn with the League’s best of the best.

•    Discover the secrets at the edge of the system with a team of experts.

Explore three communities from a future space faring humanity. You can play them as standalone games, or an interconnected campaign.

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“I want to stay with you, my love // The way some science fiction does”
- Arctic Monkeys

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Stellar Nettles is compatible with Grasping Nettles, but is an independent production by mv and is not affiliated with Adam Bell or adamebell.games.

This is a set of 3 Quick Nettles for the Grasping Nettles worldbuilding game. Using these you can jump start your session with open ended prompts and start developing communities in no time. You will need the main game to use these as intended, but the setting can be imported into any other system of your choosing.

Inside these 8 pages you will find:

  • Optional game modes to connect your communities (or evolve your space sport)
  • 3 communities on Luna, Saturn and Pluto. All with their own goals and issues.

If you are using a screen reader or need the plain version of the text for any reason, download the file marked "plain accessible" in the .odt format.

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Field of play is bounded by an imaginary sphere around Saturn’s core, 27 million km in radius.

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I'm a big fan of how different all three quick nettles are - hang out at a bar on the moon, play year long space mech football matches where the ball gets lost in saturn's rings, or deal with the sinister disk found on the surface of pluto.

And the three different modes of play offer an interesting twist to the situation - what does it mean to take an issue that cropped up in the sports game over to the tranquility base hotel?