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You are a Photon. Fight the Singularity. Avenge your world. You win or you die.

PHOTON is a tabletop roleplaying game for 2 players about fighting back an all consuming singularity, based on the LUMEN system by Spencer Campbell. Inspired by games like Hyper Light Drifter and Sundered, it aims to bring eerie exploration and lightning fast battles to tabletop.

Players will take on one of the two roles: The Photon or The Singularity.

A long time ago the Singularity consumed the world, corrupting all within it. On the Horizon (the outskirts of the Singularity's reach) some communities survived, but their situation worsens day by day. The Photon is the hero of this story. Their goal is to break free and destroy the Singularity once and for all.

The question is not whether The Photon will win or not. We know the answer.

The question is HOW.

Photon is based on Lumen's quick paced combat, and adapts it to suit a shorter session for 2 players. The Photon has only one stat called Blink. It is a measure of their speed, their awareness and familiarity with this warped world. Rolling Blink well will allow the Photon to gain Momentum, which they use to activate powers.

The Singularity does not sit idle. Values of the Blink roll affect how they manifest enemies and the environment.  They provide challenges that the Photon, provide worldbuilding prompts, and shape the Photon's powers.

While the players are opposed in the fiction, they both know the outcome of their confrontation. Instead of trying to "win", this allows them to focus on telling the story first.

The Full Game contains:

  • Introduction pdf that teaches the game
  • 1 sheet for the photon and 3 sheets for the singularity
  • Which contain all you need to play Photon (enemies, starting abilities, worldbuilding prompts)

Check out more about the mechanics of PHOTON on Spencer's design chat stream.

*disclaimer: the game is still WIP, so there might be some changes in the final version!

This game is raising money using Itchfunding! Preordering the game now will get you the final version upon release. PHOTON is currently planned for a digital only release, with the final version releasing early this fall (timing will depend on the funding progress). Here are the goals I'm hoping to meet:

  • $200 - releasing the game!
  • $800 - adding art to the mix! at this point i will hire Marieke Douma (https://www.artstation.com/mkdouma6) to bring to the playsheets to life with illustrations of enemies and abilities.
  • $1500 - just way more art! i will hire Helvetica Blanc (https://www.helveticablanc.com/) to make a cover art for the zine.
  • $2000 - more stuff for the game! extra classes (for both Photon and Singularity) and game modes making for greater replayability. + an SRD that will help you create your own variants of the Photon and the Singularity!

Check out the Lux Collective for more LUMEN games using the itchfunding model!

And give a listen to this spooky yet hopeful playlist put together by Sam Leigh @GoblinMixtape!

StatusIn development
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GenreRole Playing
TagsCo-op, lumen, science-fantasy, Sci-fi, Tabletop, Two Player


Pre-order Now$20.00 USD or more

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