It’s been a while since the last update. A lot of things have changed since then: my play culture preferences, the name of the game, my writing and design capabilities. 0.6e (now FLEE) has always been somewhat of a showcase game for me. Something I can point to and say “this is everything I like about RPGs”. And with the current iteration of the game I think I have achieved that. Hope you enjoy!


  • New Focus: Location Exploration. Turn by turn procedures provide assistance in delving and wandering fantastical spaces.
  • Updated core resolution: Ability Scores. When you roll you now add the relevant bonus. This change makes each character have unique strengths and weaknesses. The three abilities will be familiar to those who have read Into the Odd style games.
  • Revised: Character Creation. Now there are a bunch of backgrounds that give various items.
  • Revised: Bonds. Instead of being used as a bonus to rolls, now they help remove harmful conditions.
  • Revised: Equipment. Inventory now has a limit of 10 slots, each item taking up one slot.
  • New mechanic: Supply. Now characters can prepare for delves by buying supply dice before the journey. Supply dice can be used for equipment and replacing die rolls.


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