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In this incursion for Trophy Dark or other horror sci fi systems you will explore the surface of Mercury. Beware of the S U N  it will do anything to stop you from finding the truth behind the ancient ruins. Can you survive the heat? The pressure from your peers? The infinite scorching blaze of the light? (I don't think so.)

GM TIP: ask the players for their theories about what this place was, how it was used and for what purpose. What happened to that civilization? Incorporate their guesses in the game. This will make your trip to Mercury unique to your Crew.


This game involves setting paper on fire. Please use extreme caution and practice appropriate safety measures. Adult supervision is required. By downloading and/or playing this incursion, you agree that the maker of this game cannot be held liable for any injuries or damages sustained while playing this game. Play at your own risk.

<<put the pamphlet in a fireproof bowl, use matches or a lighter>>

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Tagslight, mercury, pamphlet, Sci-fi, Space, sun, sunlight, trophy, trophy-dark


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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From the Trophy Trifolds jam roundups:

A research team is sent to Mercury to investigate alien structures under the merciless, titanic, ever-present sun—the sun that invades their dreams and claims their souls.

3 things I liked:

  1. "Ritual: Gaze: look right into the sun"
  2. "Your spacesuit doesn't fit you very well. Like it's not yours."
  3. "You are convinced that you have wings now. Is it true?"