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CINE_ASTE enters the room...

You like films. You like to watch them, you like to talk about them, you like to think about them. A cineaste carries this passion into the game by conjuring objects and supporting through the art of cinema. If you don't watch A LOT of movies, don't take this class.

So you have lots of dvds (or an extensive digital library), right? 1/day insert one into the game to materialize an object from that film. The amount of glitches that object has comes from the amount of data transferred (a glitch is an important detail of that object that is missing or broken). Roll the dice based on object size and complexity, each [5] or [6] you roll is a glitch.
John Wick's gun (and smaller) - 1d6
Bilbo's Sword - 2d6
Boombox from Say Anything - 3d6
Car from Baby Driver - 4d6
House from Up - 5d6
Spaceship from 2001: Space Odyssey (and bigger) - 6d6
The object disappears by the end of the day.

When the game starts to look like a scene you recall, use this ability to give Characters a, edge. Start describing the scene with "This reminds me of the film..." and tell other Players about a relevant scene from a film you saw. The more obscure the movie is the more bonus dice you and Characters in the scene get. Ask other Players if they heard of this film.
2 Players or more  +d6
1 other Player  +2d6
0 Players  +3d6
After your roll, the other players count as having heard of the movie.

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