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An anonymous account hired you to find and bring True Horatio to a location beyond City outskirts. You find tickets for a special appearance of Horatio at their secure facility - Thousand Closed Environment. Dress for a party. You will be searched.

Beside Peripheral Bodies is a scenario for cyberpunk games. It includes missions, a facility to explore and infiltrate, NPCs and mercenaries that will hunt you down.

Can you figure out all the moving pieces? Who want's Horatio dead? Alive? Will you have enough time to complete your mission and save yourself as well?

The scenario was written in markdown and optimized for EPUB, but a PDF version is also included in your download.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
TagsCyberpunk, epub, html, markdown, OSR, scenario


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Beside Peripheral Bodies.epub 4 MB
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beside peripheral bodies - spreads.pdf 4 MB
TCE map.png 394 kB
TCE map - for print.pdf 70 kB


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I realy enjoy the way everything is not fully describe. Easy to use for a classic game or for a more shared narration one.


Highly recommended for any cyberpunk game.

Atmospheric, surreal and very original.

As usual mv knocks it out of the park.