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Inspired by Caves of Qud, Rogue, MindExplorer and Dark Fort.

A solo analog game about travelling and exploring dungeons using ascii symbols. Take on the role of the Delver, fight 26 monsters, find the Nine Orbs. Will you help your village?

Uses custom Ascii Dice (available below), a handful of d4s (four sided dice), some pencils and a sheet of paper.

**supplement its incoming** i think the core of the game is solid, so I will be spending time fleshing out those little details! would love to add more monsters, items etc.

music i listened to while writing and that you can listen to while playing:

Ascii Dice are available here for free to print and play. Purchase of the game includes a commercial license to remix, reinterpret, or reuse Ascii Dice in your own games that you may distribute commercially with credit to mv.

DIGITAL DICE AVAILABLE: Dice-O-Matic 2000 by Michael Klamerus

Also be sure to check out a hack of Ascii Delve: BABY? BY Michael Klamerus

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I have a few questions for gameplay. I'm in combat, and I roll 2 d4 for two enemies. If they both hit me, do I receive the damage listed on the enemy page? IE, Lizard, 3 dmg, 3 hits, so that would be 9 damage? Or, since I have a shield, can I use that to negate the damage from the lizard altogether? How do I use mutations? Are they a once per day/incarnation kind of thing?
For the dagger, it allows me to reroll 1's, does that mean on the initial 2d4 for those enemies? So I have a chance to hit them? Or is there some attack roll after the initial d4s that I need to do?

I'm enjoying this delve a lot so far, but I'm a bit stuck on these specifics! I'm sure I'll have more questions later :X

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heyo! thanks for playing the game. i’ll try to answer your questions as best i can:

1: yes, that would mean that each enemy hits you

2: dmg would be the damage they deal to you! hits are how many hits it takes to defeat the enemy

3: with a shield you can remove one of the d4s, negating the damage from one of the enemies

4-5: some mutation have a number in brackets (like: lasers (4)). this is the amount of stamina you have to spend to use this mutation once. if a mutation doesnt have any number next to it, it is applied either always or based on its requirements (which can be once per day or in a certain situation)

6-7: with the dagger you can reroll the attack d4s if you roll a 1, giving you a higher chance to hit the enemies

8: no attack roll after the initial d4 is necessary! each round should be: roll d4s -> see if you hit or if enemies hit -> apply damage to yourself, or reduce hits of the enemies

feel free to ask follow ups! i’m always looking for ways to clarify the rules in future revisions <3