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>The Pulse:

A powerful solar wind destroyed or damaged much of the electric and internet infrastructure of the world. Simultaneously it sped up global warming, creating even harsher conditions for humanity. Frequent floods and the need for clean energy were major motivators for new tech and progressive policies, but the fight is not over yet. In the world of 2100, you have to take action to build a better future that never was.


2100 has a simple worldbuilding system that allows you to quickly establish your characters. Connections are NPCs and world elements that you can use as the central point in your game, or remember them as helpful side characters.

>>>Upcoming modules:

parrot "connections", person diving "diving", futuristic garden "supervenice"

  • Connections pack: additional connections  + how to track them in your world.
  • Diving pack: an underwater treasure finding system + more stuff to look for beneath the ocean surface.
  • SuperVenice location pack: map of the floating city + locations with characters and more events.

disclaimer: price will be increased with new modules

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Tags2100, 24xx, climate, ecopunk, solarpunk


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I would like to create zine or trifold for games as Liminal Horror, 24xx or CY_BORG.

Witch software, not too difficult, can I use to create cool stuffs as your 2100 : Solarpunk ?


Hey! I unfortunately cannot afford the $3 due to currency exchange but I will try it and come back again for another comment! Thanks you for putting this game together!


Thank you so much! I am happy if you grabbed a community copy!! Fills my heart with joy to know someone is reading the game <3. I’m very excited for the next few modules, so stay tuned…

We are having a lot of fun with this and I am looking forward to the upcoming modules!


Thank you! Glad you are enjoying the setting. I definitely have a lot of fun stuff planned for the upcoming months. Starting with diving and underwater exploration—I have a feeling it’s going to be very cool <3

Definitely keen to see where you take this!