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Nostos is a short, multiplayer, custom dice game where you play through the Odyssey---storytelling and interpreting dice---until you get home.

It's 4 pages, with cool art and some really great layout, although the rules might be a little tricky to figure out if you haven't played a lot of tabletop.

Basically, sometimes to rate the importance of elements in a scene, you roll dice and assign them to different elements. This doesn't determine whether the hero succeeds or fails, but it determines which parts of the scene you focus in on.

If you use dice with custom faces, you can assign images or words to different parts of the scene instead. Alternately, you could probably use a tarot deck to the same effect.

Overall, I think this is a fun, classical, heroic-feeling game that doesn't have crunch, but will absolutely tell a good story. I'd recommend picking it up if you can.

Minor Issues:

-Page 2, pages version, the boat illustration has been obliterated into its component pixels. Not sure if that's an issue on my end, but if not, the image in the design doc might not have been properly synched up with the actual image file before exporting.

-Page 3, Of Home, "where you a trader" were

-Page 3, Of Home, "where you visiting an old friend" were

-Page 3, Sets, it might make sense to have Shifting Sea at the top, since it's the most common starting place if you're not beginning en medias res


thank you for the kind words! i uploaded files that fix the issues you mentioned.

interesting thought about using a tarot deck. I wonder if I can write an optional rule to play as the 3 Fates for example. using a tarot deck to set up a scene, but the player uses dice together with cards to interpret how it plays out.