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I do have a question that might have been answered in the other comment ?what is the three digit followed by K? in the location descriptions the Kelvin temp or am I missing something ?

You are correct! It’s the Kelvin temp of the location. It was meant more as flavour text. There are some mechanical consequences if you mess with it for the monsters, but can be easily ignored.

Stylishly executed as per usual. There is a nice economy of space to this layout, a sense of things being just so - packed full of goodness but not dense and unapproachable. It does a great job of showing off Dyson Logos’ neat map.

Things I particularly like about this pamphlet adventure:

  • the difficulty of the adventure is linked to which of the 3 scenarios the group run
  • the passing of time and the ever-present danger is neatly executed
  • there’s a deeper subplot for the group to uncover

Now I just need to find a Kelvin to Celsius converter.